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New technology will keep you from nodding off behind the wheel

While the nation is rightfully concerned about texting drivers, distracted drivers and incompetent drivers, falling asleep at the wheel can happen to even the best of us. According to the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) traffic accident statistics, an estimated one out of every 25 drivers report falling asleep at the wheel in a given month. Fortunately, rumble strips and honking horns wake up most drivers who have nodded off before a serious accident occurs, but each year thousands of accidents happen across Florida and the nation because of driver fatigue.

Will New Artificial Intelligence Technology Help?

Car accidents: Woman charged in hit and run that killed 3

Three people were killed after a woman allegedly drove drunk last week. Labelled as one of Florida's deadliest hit and run car accidents, one child and three adults were killed in the Tampa crash. A 29-year-old woman was charged in the crash.

The woman's bond was denied by a judge who was still determining whether to set any bond at all. She was charged with three counts of manslaughter while drinking and driving, tampering with evidence after a crash, and hit and run involving death or serious injury. A 41-year-old, a 29-year-old and an 8-year-old were all killed in the wreck.

Pedestrian accidents: Man killed by Jacksonville police

A man who was recently struck and killed by a police cruiser was initially thought to be homeless and suicidal. This conclusion, which later proved to be false, was made after the Jacksonville chief of investigations gave a witness account, suggesting that this information was true. At the time of the report, apparently no one had talked to the man's roommates to get a clearer view of the person who died in one of the town's worst pedestrian accidents

The man was said to have run out in front of a rescue vehicle, which was traveling with its siren and lights going. The driver reportedly blew the horn at the man, who darted back across the road in front of the car. When reporters asked the chief if the man had committed suicide, the chief stated that the suspicion was not being ruled out. But reports claim that the chief knew that this was not the case before the press conference even began.

New drivers are not the very worst drivers

An old stereotype about drivers is that the younger they are, the more reckless they are behind the wheel.

It turns out, that’s not quite right. A new study from Liberty Mutual Insurance and a group called Students Against Destructive Decisions reveals a fascinating clarification:

Accidents are caused by slow drivers, too

It is common knowledge that drivers who speed can cause car accidents. But those who are driving too slow can be just as much of a danger on the road. This is often why a minimum speed limit is posted in on some roads and freeways.

Understanding why people drive too slow, and what to do if you encounter these situations, can help you to avoid getting into an accident. And if you have had an accident with a slow driver that resulted in injury, it can help to strengthen your claim with the insurance companies.

Leading cause of car accidents in Florida heat

Although we typically associate car accidents with bad weather, hot, sunny summer days can actually be the most dangerous for drivers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the month of August had 3,037 accidents in 2014, the second highest total for the year. June and July were not much better, each with more than 2,800 accidents nationwide.

In sunny Florida, where the weather is warm for much of the year, it is especially important to understand what causes summer car accidents. Knowing what makes driving in the summer heat so dangerous can help to prevent future mishaps.

Distracted, aggressive, drunk and just plain bad drivers

Look through the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper on any given day and you are likely to find several stories about the pain and misery caused by negligent drivers on roads throughout Central Florida every day. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to learn that in a typical year, ranks among the three or four states* for recorded motor vehicle crash fatalities.

The death toll in a typical year exceeds 2,500, including drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians and truckers. But the sheer number of deaths doesn't reveal just how bad things are out there. After all, Florida has a population of more than 20 million people and we should expect a higher death toll. Unfortunately, though, Florida's rate of 14.5 crash deaths per 100,000 population and 1.42 accident deaths per million miles driven are also among the national leaders; giving us a truer picture of just how dangerous things have become on our roads, highways and interstates.

Get medical attention as soon as possible after an accident

Protect your health and your legal rights

After an automobile accident, it is important to obtain a medical examination, as well as any required medical treatment, right away. Most importantly, this is because your future health and well-being can be at stake. Not seeing a doctor in a timely fashion also can greatly affect the monetary value of your claim with the insurance company.

Sometimes, airbags do more harm than good

Airbags do not completely prevent injury

Airbags can save lives in an accident, particularly when paired with proper seat belt use. Just as with seat belts, however, airbags serve to reduce risk of injury in an accident; they do not completely safeguard occupants of a vehicle during a crash. In some situations, they may even be a contributing factor to serious injury.

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