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What does alcohol do to a person's driving ability?

Florida readers know that drunk driving is a problem. Alcohol can impair a person to the point that he or she can no longer drive safely, even if the blood alcohol content is technically below the legal limit. Drunk driving is one of the most significant threats to drivers in Tampa and throughout the state. 

Alcohol can affect a person's vision, cognitive function and physical reactions. Drunk drivers often exhibit dangerous behaviors such as swerving, braking or speeding up erratically and ignoring traffic laws. There is no excuse for drunk driving, and it is possible for victims of this type of negligent behavior to seek compensation for damages and financial losses.

Car accidents can turn simple errands into tragedy

Every day, thousands of Florida residents jump in their vehicles to go to work, school and run errands such as going to the grocery store. Sadly, even the shortest errands can turn deadly when car accidents are caused by negligent or inattentive drivers. One recent wreck took the life of an 85-year-old woman.

According to the police report, the elderly driver was proceeding down a local road en route to a nearby shopping plaza. As she attempted to complete a left-hand turn into the parking area of the shopping complex, her vehicle was struck by an oncoming car. Emergency responders to the scene reported that the elderly woman did not exhibit any signs of a pulse when they arrived to care for her.

Seeking appropriate damages after a car accident

Florida readers know that a car accident can change their life in many ways. A collision between two vehicles can leave a victim with medical bills, losses to personal property and other expenses that can quickly overwhelm your family. When an accident leaves you injured and facing financial harm, you have the right to seek appropriate damages. 

The amount of damages that you could seek after a car accident in the Jacksonville metro area depends in large part on the nature of your crash and the types of injuries and losses you experienced. Many times, insurance companies will offer settlements that do not truly reflect what you deserve, but you have the right to fight for what you need for a full and fair recovery.

Elderly drivers in Florida to test self-driving cars

Elderly drivers may not have the visual or physical abilities to drive as safely as they did in the past. With the fast-approaching dawn of self-driving cars, some wonder if older drivers will be a specific demographic to benefit from this technology. To test self-driving cars and the benefit they could play for older drivers, a start-up company is going to begin testing self-driving shuttle services in a retirement community near Orlando.

Bicycle accidents take a toll on annual Miami event

Those who take part in charity athletic events are often driven individuals who wish to make life better for their community members. One such man became the latest victim of fatal bicycle accidents, in an incident that marred a charity bicycle race held in Miami. He is the second person to be killed while preparing for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge in the past three years.

According to the police who responded to the scene, the 37-year-old man was participating in a training race with a fellow bicyclist. For reasons that are yet unclear, the two riders purportedly fell over on their bikes. A boat, which was being towed by a pickup truck, struck the man, and he suffered fatal injuries from the impact. His fellow cyclist suffered undisclosed injuries and was taken for care.

Policy and law changes could reduce drunk driving

The problems drunk drivers cause on our Florida roads are well known. Drunk drivers have slower reaction times, have difficulty making decisions at highway speeds and have difficulty keeping their cars between the lines. They are a threat to the safety and well-being of every person on the road.

Authorities and lawmakers continue to explore ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers. A recent study found that it may be possible to reduce drunk driving and DUI-related fatalities by raising taxes on alcohol sales and lowering the legal blood alcohol content limit. Right now, the legal BAC limit is .08 percent.

Miami Beach site of latest death from pedestrian accidents

Miami Beach is one of the more popular tourist destinations for those seeking to escape the winter. Unfortunately, it is also one of the locations where the vast majority of pedestrian accidents occur. Recently, a man in his 30s became the latest fatality due to these deadly encounters.

Miami Beach police were called to an area of Biscayne Boulevard where the Friday morning collision occurred. According to the initial reports, the victim, who was a man described as being in his 30s, was attempting to cross a heavily traveled section of the major thoroughfare. As he was attempting to cross, he was forcefully struck by a passing motorist. Purportedly, the impact was so violent, the victim was knocked out of his footwear.

Infotainment systems grow increasingly distracting

You are driving along when you see a car approaching you that begins to cross into your lane. You are hoping the driver will correct his or her path, but you slow down anyway. Still, the car continues toward you, and you finally see the driver's smiling face, eyes cast downward. You know instantly that the driver is reading a text message. In the nick of time, the driver looks up and sees you, slams on the breaks and offers you a pathetic wave of apology.

If this has happened to you, it may have taken you several minutes to recover from the scare. Imagine the kind of recovery you would have needed had the driver failed to look up and see you. Unfortunately, this kind of distraction seems to be happening more often. The shocking news is that the distractions are frequently coming from the car itself.

Study looks at driving habits of elderly drivers

There are many elderly drivers on Florida roads, and there are people who believe these older drivers could increase the likelihood of an accident. Most people assume that elderly drivers have more trouble with vision and may have slower reaction times. In order to better understand elderly drivers and their abilities to drive, AAA recently looked into the driving habits of older people.

For most older drivers, it has been years, if not decades, since they took a driving test. This particular study looked into older individuals and their habits regarding safe driving, performance behind the wheel and the decisions they make behind the wheel. Many people assume that aging drivers should stop driving after a certain point or limit their time behind the wheel.

When is appropriate to file a wrongful death claim?

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is traumatic for any Florida family. In addition to the emotional difficulties associated with the unexpected death of a family member, you also have to deal with the financial losses that can follow a serious accident.

If your loved one died in an accident that was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another driver in the Orlando area or Central Florida, you have the right to seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. While legal recourse will not reverse what happened and bring your loved one back, it can help you address some of the expenses and financial losses that followed the incident.

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