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20 Facts about the Danger of Florida Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Often times, serious and long-lasting personal injury can occur on the road simply because another individual was distracted.

Though some accidents are more serious than others, Florida Auto Accident Lawyers can help with even the subtlest collisions.

The Facts about Auto Accidents

According to Florida's Integrated Report Exchange System, there have been more than 170,000 crash related injuries, and over 2,000 fatalities in 2016. Additionally, bicyclists have been at risk with nearly 100 bicycle fatalities and over 4,400 crashes.

Other statistics include:

  • over 266,000 total crashes (more than 110,000 were injury related)
  • over 1,800 crashes with traffic fatalities
  • over 27,477 commercial vehicle crashes
  • over 152,000 property damage crashes
  • over 5,700 pedestrian crashes
  • over 370 pedestrian fatalities

Numbers are specifically high throughout the Miami-Dade County, with a total of over 43,000 crashes and more than 22,000 total injuries as of September, 2016. Increasing the demand for personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers throughout Miami and surrounding areas.

According to Florida DMV Online, the state of Florida alone has over 16 million drivers and more than 200,000 car accidents each year.

Annual traffic reports and data collected from law enforcement by The Department Of Motor Vehicles includes; the cause of each accident, the location of each accident, any tickets that were written, and a snapshot of any drivers involved in order to put together a comprehensive and detailed report, which is included in all statistics.

Avoiding Distractions

Car accidents can occur in just a split second. Distractions such as texting, phone calls, and adjusting radio stations can put any individual at risk and also lead to an unsafe environment for other drivers and pedestrians.

Additional distractions including weather can also hinder one's driving performance, with over 9% of accidents throughout Florida occurring in rain and over 14% occurring in cloudy conditions according to Florida's Integrated Report Exchange.

Statistics also indicate that over 14% of Florida crashes happen on wet roads and over 6% on roads that are not well lit.

Ages range from 15-65+ with young drivers making up for a large percentage of the crashes. It is reported that over 8% of Florida crashes involve drivers from age 15-19 and over 14% involve drivers in their early 20's.

Additional age related percentage listed below:

  • ages 25-29: 11.72%
  • ages 30-34: 8.88%
  • ages 35-39: 7.18%
  • ages 40-44: 6.31%
  • ages 45-49: 6.36%
  • ages 50-54: 6.28%
  • ages 55-59: 5.50%
  • ages 60-64: 4.21%

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Reducing Risk On The Road

According to the Car Accident Prevention Guidelines found through, there are many ways of reducing risk, especially for young drivers.

  • following the posted speed limit sign at all times
  • not making any calls or sending any texts unless the car is fully pulled over
  • being more cautious when driving at night
  • always using a seat belt
  • only driving friends around when experienced enough to do so
  • sticking to familiar routes in order to avoid any unknown hazards

Research & Statistics shown through indicate that cell phone use leads to delayed breaking reactions and more traffic accidents.

Additional research compared driving performances between individuals talking via phone and individuals talking with a passenger. Research shows that talking with a passenger who can see the driver's current situation via window is much safer and leads to fewer accidents.

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Florida personal injury lawyers have helped millions of individuals involved in car accidents and crash related incidents.

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